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Flamenco is the traditional music and dance of Andalusia in the south of Spain. The roots of flamenco came from different cultures and countries such as Morocco, Egypt, and India; but the first traces of flamenco in Spain date to 1760. Among Spanish cities, Cadiz, Jerez, Granada and Sevilla have the most tradition of flamenco.

Dancing, along with guitar playing and song, are the three integral parts of the art of flamenco.

Learning Flamenco:
The art of flamenco dance is often difficult to master, requiring the learning of intricate steps and movements. Probably the most important thing you will need to start flamenco dancing is patience. The classes are a great form of exercise and great fun. As well as dancing Juani teaches palmas and castanets, etc. Students are also invited to perform in charities and semi-pro shows as soon as they are ready (and wish to perform).

Flamenco Technique:
A great deal of time is spent practicing and perfecting the often difficult dance routines. Although there is no single flamenco dance, dancers must follow a strict framework of rhythmic patterns. The steps a dancer performs are dependent on the traditions of the song being played.

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