JUANI GARCIA - Professional Flamenco Dancer  

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About Juani

Juani studied flamenco at an early age in Madrid and then Sevilla, before returning to the UK to continue her career.

In her professional career, Juani Garcia has worked with the Paco Mundo Company in Madrid, Mallorca, Malaga and Portugal. She has since performed worldwide and extensively throughout the UK.

As a choreographer, performer and guest teacher, Juani's work has taken Juaniher to Norway, Trinidad and Tobago and on extensive trips to India and the USA. Juani has appeared at the Royal Festival, Queen Elizabeth Halls and the Barbican Theatre.

Juani recently featured in a dance drama, 'El Caballo de Espana', a lavish production combining the Feria horses of Sevilla with flamenco dancing. She has also taken part in the mega-production of 'Carmen' in Birmingham and Germany. This year she has been invited to Canada and the USA for flamenco shows.

At the present time, Juani is the principal dancer with Viva Flamenco dance group performing around the UK.

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